Vogue’s Alice in Wonderland

This isn’t new as it dates back to 2003 but it is worth seeing. As the issue focused on Alice in Wonderland through the fashion-lenses (apparently), Vogue chose Annie Leibovitz to shoot supermodel Natalia Vodianova in Versace, Galliano, Gaulthier, etc. outfits.


This first image was a good surprise as it avoids the hypersexualization one could have expected when using garments from designers (the whole thing would have been totally different with Dolce&Gabanna clothes, we’re pretty lucky here). Plus, there is something of Lewis Carroll photographer in this composition, just like he liked to photograph girls in postures that were not that natural, sometimes dressed up, with some bushes in the background, like in this photo of Alice Liddell:


Or when he photographed Xie Kitchin:


ca. 1875 – Albumen print Collection of Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein

Even the fainting sofa on which the little girl is lying looks a lot like the one on the cover page, which is also used on the last picture of the set:

The Belgian designer and model Olivier Theyskens plays the role of Lewis Carroll, which is quite disturbing as the English author would not have been caught dead with his shirt unbuttoned. Nevertheless, it is clear that Annie Leibovitz had seen the work of Carroll as a photographer before starting her own work on the topic of Alice.

See the rest of the photographs on Wicked Halo.

This post was first published on a previous blog, Found in Wonderland (now offline).

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