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Research on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Don DeLillo by Don DeLillo

Learning languages is among the most frustrating experiences a human being can go through, because no matter how hard you try to learn a language and a culture, there will … Continue reading

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Imposter syndrome & being a woman

Imposter syndrome: Why do so many women feel like frauds? by Claire Cohen in The Telegraph.

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Interview with Kostas Kaltsas, the Greek Translator of Infinite Jest

Infinite complexity: on translating David Foster Wallace into Greek by Scott Esposito on Literary Hub.

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On the value of performing Shakespeare’s plays in the original accent

World-famous linguist David Crystal and his son, actor Ben Crystal, look at the original pronunciation of Shakespeare’s texts in a video on 22 Words.

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How things have changed for female academics

How things have changed for female academics by Myra Strober on The Times Higher Education, or how a rejection in 1970 for a tenure-track position inspired a lifetime of struggle … Continue reading

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BBC English: does it dictate proper pronunciation?

BBC English: does it dictate proper pronunciation? by Juerg Schwyter (OxfordWords Blog)

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Les fautes d’orthographe diminuent les chances d’être recruté

Les fautes d’orthographe diminuent les chances d’être recruté par Agathe Charnet (Le Monde Campus)

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How Italy Improved My English

How Italy Improved My English by Tim Parks (The New York Review of Books)

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